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Selected Articles from 'Yoga Number'
(Published in 1940)

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These articles may be downloaded for personal use only. These are in pdf format and
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these articles.
 To download the articles right
click on the article and click "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". You can, however, read the article on-line by clicking on the article.

Bhagavata Dharma (by Y. Jagannatham) (268 KB)
Conquest of Mind (by Swami Sivananda) (188 KB)
Cultural Conflict in Modern India (by Kewal Motwani) (554 KB)
Gita Sadhana (by Swami Shuddhananda Bharati) (198 KB)
Heighest Goal of Existence (by Jayadayal Goyandka) (363 KB)
Methods of Mind Control (by Jayadayal Goyandka) (524 KB)
Mira Bai (by Edmund Russel) (311 KB)
Nishkama Karma (by Atmananda) (267 KB)
Penance (by Jayadayal Goyandka) (397 KB)
Religious Toleration (by Y. Jagannatham) (352 KB)
Samadhiyoga (by Jayadayal Goyandka) (518 KB)
Synthetic Viewpoint of the Gita (by Hirendranath Datta) (166 KB)
The Causes of Unhappiness and The Means of Happiness (by Vijayramchandrasurishvarji) (592 KB)
The Mystery of Life (by Jayadayal Goyandka) (469 KB)
The World's Supreme Need (by F. Homer Curtiss) (386 KB)
Vedic Rites and Supreme Knowledge (by Basanta Kumar Chatterjee) (268 KB)

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