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Selected Articles from 'Sri Krishna Number'
(Published in 1937)

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These articles may be downloaded for personal use only. These are in pdf format and
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these articles.
 To download the articles right
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A Jivanmukta's Asrama-Management (by Akshaya Kumar Banerjee) (435 KB)
Acharya Sankara on Bhagavan Sri Krishna (403 KB)
Avatarhood in the Gita  (by  Sri  Aurobindo)  (661 KB)
Bhagvata Dharma (by Basanta Kumar Chatterjee) (392 KB)
Enlightenment (by Raj Bali Pandeya) (237 KB)
Friendship of Sri Krishna and Arjuna (by Dasanudasa) (794 KB)
God Embodied in Form - Question and Answers (by Gopinath Kaviraj) (1011 KB)
Histrocity of Sri Krishna (by Swami Abhedananda) (352 KB)
India in Lord Sri Krishna's Time (by Dasharatha Sharma) (276 KB)
Introversion and Contemplation - A study in Mysticism (by Arthur E. Massey) (330 KB)
Krishna - Who? (by A. B. Dhruva) (336 KB)
Krishnahood (by Balram Kishore) (180 KB)
Love Triumphant (by Arthur E. Massey) (44 KB)
Mystical Approaches in the Sri Krishna-Cult (by Radhakamal Mukerji) (283 KB)
Nada - A Study (by Gaurinath Bhattacharya) (202 KB)
Offering Self to God (by Jayadayal Goyandka (506 KB)
Puranas dealing with Sri Krishna-Lila (by Baldeo Upadhyaya) (418 KB)
Salutations (Gopalapurvatapini Upanisad) (87 KB)
Search (by H. C. Asthana) (189 KB)
Some Miraculous Deeds of Bhagvan Sri Krishna (by Krishna-Kinkara) (998 KB)
Sri Krishna as an Ideal Man (by P. K. Acharya) (628 KB)
Sri Krishna as the 'I' of the Gita (by L. N. Garde) (294 KB)
Sri Krishna is God Himself (by Baldeo Prasad Mishra) (116 KB)
Sri Krishna is God Himself (by Madan Mohan Malviya) (270 KB)
Sri Krishna Lore in Tamil Literature (by M. Ramachandra) (267 KB)
Sri Krishna of Vrindavana (by K. S. Ramaswami Sastri) (663 KB)
Sri Krishna's Recipe of Loksangraha (by M. S. Srinivasa Sarma) (351 KB)
Sri Krishna-Tattva of Bengal Vaishnavism (by Akshaya Kumar Banerjee) (586 KB)
Tantra Works on the Krishna-Cult (by Chintaharan Chakravarty) (189 KB)
The Date of Lord Krishna's Birth (by V. H. Vader) (259 KB)
The Dynamic Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita (by Vasudeva Sharana Agarwala) (613 KB)
The Heart of the Upanishads (by Swami Shudhananda Bharati) (294 KB)
The Heart of a Gopi (by Jivan Shanker Yajnik) (397 KB)
The Soul and Its Goal (by Arthur E. Massey) (332 KB)
Wavelets of Bliss - 1 (by Hanumanprasad Poddar) (453 KB)
Wavelets of Bliss - 2 (by Hanumanprasad Poddar) (393 KB)
Who was Sri Radha (by Hanumanprasad Poddar) (314 KB)

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